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Studio B at Soul Haven Studios

Our studio B was designed for creative arranging, mixing, acoustic/vocal tracking and video editing.

As both a ProTools and Logic based studio, we are able to work on any recordings brought to us. As an artist, you will find this room to be a great creative environment with a warm feel and great acoustical properties.

The mixing live room is a 16' x 24” area with heavy wood treatment accompanied by a spacious 4' x 6' isolation room. This studio has proven to be great for singer songwriters as well as artist who just need to do vocal work on existing music. Driven by Apogee preamps and A to D conversion, you are sure to get fantastic audio quality from each performance.

If you are looking for just a high quality mix for existing recordings without the need for a full tracking studio, this is the room for you.

All the tools and referencing capabilities you need are here for your engineer to make your tracks stand up the way you expect to.