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Performance Hall at Soul Haven Studios

Our One of the great features at Soul Haven Studios is our 30' x 55' performance hall. It features a 15' x 25' lighted stage with 32 channels of live recording capabilities.


In addition, the entire room has been sound treated to allow for correct quality recordings for such a large space. We are capable of properly recording bands or groups of all sizes. If you are looking for a live recording which represents you properly, this is the room for you.

In addition to quality recordings, this hall is perfect for video shoots of all types. If you need a controlled environment to create your look with the room need to film correctly, our hall will work great. We have great videographers who can shoot your ideal and edit them on site to your approval. We have proper video lighting and cameras on location for all your projects. This is a visual world of music today and Soul Haven can help you capture that look you have been seeking.

If you are a photographer or videographer who needs a great location to shoot with plenty of open space or stage environment, then this is the room for you at vary reasonable rates. The hall has it's own private men's and women's bathroom for your convince. Block rates are offered for long hour shoots.

So whether you are a new act coming on to the scene, a large gospel choir, a wedding band or anything in between, our hall can offer you much in the area of content to put your act out there in a professional way.